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Garage Off Track Repair Long Beach

At that moment, when you’re off to work for an important meeting or presentation or about to drop the kids off at school, your garage door decides that it’s the perfect time to go off track suddenly. What would you do? There’s really only one thing you can do, and that’s definitely not to try to fix it yourself. Whether your garage door track is entirely out of alignment or just bent, your best bet is to reach out to repair professionals at Jordan’s Overhead Garage Door Service who will help with your garage off track repair.

We understand how you wouldn’t want this to get in the way of going about your day normally. Therefore, it usually takes us just a few hours or less to fix this issue. You do not want to saddle with a defective garage door for long, and we save you hours of frustration by doing whatever it takes to get your garage back on track as fast as possible.

Why your garage door can get off track

Your garage door getting off track is not a rare occurrence. In fact, it happens more than you think, and that’s why this is one of our specialties. Here are some reasons why your garage door can get off track:

  • Sometimes, the safety sensors on your garage door may not detect obstructions on time, and this will get in the way of your door closing as it should
  • Garage door openers with the wrong force settings can also lead to broken or misaligned tracks
  • Some days, you may be in a hurry to leave the garage and pull out too quickly. If you are unable to open the garage door fully, your car could hit it with just enough force to pull the door off its tracks
  • Some parts of your track system can also contribute to your garage doors getting off track
  • Worn-out or damaged rollers and lift cables can cause this problem without giving you any warning.

It doesn’t matter why your garage door has gone off track. No matter the reason, our track repair professionals are capable of handling the job to your satisfaction. However, broken tracks pose a serious threat to your safety as they can lead to the garage door falling on you or your car. You can avoid this terrible situation when you reach out to us promptly.

Contact the pros

Our team at Jordan’s Overhead Garage Door Service will assess your problem, fix it and get your garage door running. You can always count on us to be there when it matters.

Contact Jordan’s Overhead Garage Door Service for your garage off track repair

What you need is an expert with the right tools and expertise to handle your garage off track repair easily. Contact us at (562) 955-2236 for an appointment today as we service all across Long Beach and surrounding areas.