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Garage Door Tune-Up Long Beach

Just like your car and home require regular maintenance, so does your garage door. Unfortunately, most people neglect just how important this feature is on your property. Well, that’s until one day when the door malfunctions and they need to get somewhere in a hurry. Don’t wait until it gets drastic before taking the proper steps towards maintaining your garage door. A garage door tune-up will go a long way in preventing unpleasant situations. Apart from keeping your garage door running smoothly, it also helps you identify problems early, which will, in turn, lengthen the lifespan of your garage door and its components.

At Jordan’s Overhead Garage Door Service, we consider your safety a priority and will carry out detailed garage door tune-ups to minimize the chances of inconvenient breakdowns.

Our top-notch garage door tune-up services

Your garage door is one feature in your home that is exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Don’t believe us? Well, just try to think about the number of times you leave your home and get back in a single day. If you live in a house with several other people, that should give you an idea of how much your garage door works every day. For this level of heavy usage, your garage door needs a lot of attention and special care to stay in shape.

At Jordan’s Overhead Garage Door Service, we carry out several garage door tune-up services to help your door operate smoothly. They include:

  • Identifying any potential or existing issues in your garage door so we can replace or repair them efficiently
  • Checking the force on the garage door opener to make sure that it’s set the right way. The wrong force could cause a lot of damage to anything that gets in the path of your garage door
  • Safety inspection to assess every part of your garage door system, including all features and products that could be subject to wear and tear more than others
  • Lubricating moving parts in your garage door to minimize noise and friction

Is it time for a tune-up?

How do you know when it’s time for a garage door tune-up? Our recommendation is to do this periodically on your garage doors which will help you identify problems beforehand. However, look out for signs like your garage door being louder, slower, or heavier than usual. If the springs also look stretched, then it’s definitely time to contact us for your garage door tune-up.

Our garage door tune-up services will get your garage door in working order fast. So call us and enjoy peace of mind as we get to work.

Contact Jordan’s Overhead Garage Door Service for your garage door tune-up

What you need is an expert with the right tools and expertise to handle your garage door tune-up easily. Contact us at (562) 955-2236 for an appointment today all across the Long Beach area.